We aim for sustainability because building green is good for us, it’s good for our clients, and it is the morally correct thing to do

At Campisano Capital, when we talk about our goal of constant sustainability, we are talking about building green and being green; about delivering ever-greener buildings for our clients and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and supply chain. We emphasize education and training for all Campisano Capital staff and seek to continuously improve corporate governance and reporting of environmental metrics.

We believe that managing our company in a sustainable way also means taking responsibility for how work on each of our jobsites affects the surrounding communities; it means ensuring that everyone has a safe and healthy work environment and that they are treated fairly; it means hiring and retaining the best people and creating opportunities for them to seek challenges and grow; and it means continuing to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical way, honoring the values of teamwork, integrity, and commitment.

Our Sustainability Commitments Include:

  • Provide Green Building Training to All Employees

  • Reduce and Recycle Construction Waste

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Seek LEED Certification for Campisano Capital Offices

  • Standardize Sustainability for Our Offices and Jobsites

  • Publicize Environmental Performance

  • Research and Share Green Building Information

  • Promote a Culture of Safety