Operations Analyst

  • B.S in Business Management from Limerick Institute of Technology

Brian joins the Campisano Capital team as a business development analyst from Limerick, Ireland. Brian has previously worked part time in the London office through his junior year and most recently relocated to the New York office.

Brian has over 3 years of experience in business development with previous employers including:

  • Charity Brands Consulting: CBC enable non-profit organizations & corporations to increase & reach revenue by working together to inspire consumers and impact society. Brian was directly involved and instrumental with closing deals on various projects with C-Level executives in Apple/Amazon/Facebook/Nike.

  • CopyType: Supply and service SMEs, schools & colleges, hospitals, etc throughout Ireland, Brian was involved with the finance team as a business development analyst and consultant for emerging multinational clients. Rendering financial services to existing and potential clients based on financial situation.


  • Represented Ireland at U19 level in soccer on USA tour, recipient of 3 soccer scholarships from Universities in California and Arizona.

  • Certified scuba diver with 10 years of experience, most recently completing dives in Asia & Europe.

  • Passionate about contributing to society and impacting the world for the better through hard work and hustle.

  • Spent 2 semesters of his sophomore year studying abroad in Toronto, Canada.


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